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At Maria Rehabilitation Center, we seek to provide the necessary support and provide a group of specialized therapeutic programs for various cases under the supervision of rehabilitation specialists and experts using the latest therapeutic devices and techniques.


  • True leadership in the field of providing distinguished health care services.
  • Within the best specialized team and the latest equipment in the middle east.
  • Taking care of every child we have and met all his needs.
  • Ensure that every child is destined to achieve his goal of increasing his own capabilities.


  • Maria Center provides the highest quality rehabilitation services.
  • Covering all specialties of medical services.
  • To ensure that every patient has the opportunity to discover and realize their full potential.
  • In a unique destination for family medical care and health.


  • Family centered care
  •  Partnerships
  • Participation
  • Excellence
  • Respect Diversity.









  • At Maria Center, we believe that every child is born with unique abilities.
  • It is a medical rehabilitation center that allows children with special needs to explore their full potential and overcome their physical, functional and psychological challenge.
  • Maria center is Not only a rehabilitation center, it is about exploring the limits of one`s abilities and then challenging and overcoming them
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Why Maria Center!


Rapid admission


After the initial clinic







The best staff and specialists experiences for many years

They have high degrees rehabilitation field



Unique treatment plan designed for every patient







Specialized team case management








Containing the child so that he feels that he is in his second home. And helping him to integrate into the external community





Understand how cognitive and physical disabilities affect growth and development in children






Ensuring the integration of knowledge and experience to design individual treatment programs tailored to suit each child and his family.




Providing rehabilitation services to meet the needs of children and enable them to complete their development and growth








































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Our Team Of Specialists












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